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The Truth and Reconciliation Commission published over 300 Calls to Action in its final report (2015). A number of these calls are directed to the churches involved in the Residential Schools AND all faith communities. We honour these calls to action and are committed to responding to them now and in the days, months, and years ahead. This page is designed to partially respond to the following calls, by offering timely and accessible resources for our clergy, congregations, and participants to learn about the legacy of the Residential Schools as well as the church's part in colonization, systemic racism, and spiritual violence. We are always looking for new resources to share and invite you to get in touch with us with what you are finding...and to participate, learn, and walk this path together.

CALLS TO ACTION: 59. We call upon church parties to the Settlement Agreement to develop ongoing education strategies to ensure that their respective congregations learn about their church’s role in colonization, the history and legacy of residential schools, and why apologies to former residential school students, their families, and communities were necessary.

60. We call upon leaders of the church parties to the Settlement Agreement and all other faiths, in collaboration with Indigenous spiritual leaders, Survivors, schools of theology, seminaries, and other religious training centres, to develop and teach curriculum for all student clergy, and all clergy and staff who work in Aboriginal communities, on the need to respect Indigenous spirituality in its own right, the history and legacy of residential schools and the roles of the church parties in that system, the history and legacy of religious conflict in Aboriginal families and communities, and the responsibility that churches have to mitigate such conflicts and prevent spiritual violence

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