Lay Leader Education Lecture Series

On behalf of the Canadian Regional Board and our Program Administrator, Rev Dr Darlene Brewer, welcome to the Canadian Disciples' Lay Leader Education Program

Many believe that theological education is a huge undertaking, requiring a substantial commitment of time and resources. Many also wonder if they "have what it takes" to not only study, but answer the call to lead in Christ's church. We have designed this program to take the mystery and worry out of pursuing theological education.


This program is designed for anyone (and we mean ANYONE) who has always wanted to:

  • Know more about their faith, church, scripture, and the whys/whens/hows of where we came from
  • Lead a small group, worship, or study
  • Build their leadership skills to lead more confidently in the local congregation
  • Start a new ministry or be part of a support team for an innovative venture
  • Understand more about social justice and the role of faith in our ever-changing context
  • Satisfy their curiosity and questions around the church, scripture, Disciples, justice, and a host of other topics
  • Grow spiritually and deepen their experience of God in their own lives and the world around them

The program is delivered completely online and is divided into two sections:

Phase 1: Lecture Series
Built with lay leaders in mind, this program offers opportunity to test the waters through a 6-part monthly Lecture Series on a variety of topics ranging from World Religions to Pastoral Care issues to Disciples History (and more!).

Attend as many of the monthly offerings are you can in order to explore some of the topics that will be offered in Phase 2: Lay Certificate Program. The Lecture Series is offered free of charge OR a $10 gift to help cover expenses.

Phase 2: Lay Certificate Program
The second component (launching in September 2021) invites you to dig more deeply into specific, core topics that will help build knowledge, skill, and confidence in key areas of congregational and spiritual life. Each 6 hour course is taught by a Canadian Disciple who is both an expert in the course content, AND familiar with the Canadian church context in which you find yourself. A total of eight courses are required to complete the Lay Certificate Program. Topics covered are:

Core courses

  • Biblical Studies
  • Systematic Theology
  • Church History
  • DOC History
  • DOC Theology
  • Anti-racism


  • Pastoral Care
  • Christian Education
  • Church Administration
  • Social Justice
  • Youth Programming
  • Art and Worship


Enrolment for the Lay Certificate Program will open in March 2021.

We are grateful for the partnership of the College of Churches of Christ in Canada who have been promoting and providing theological education to Canadian Disciples for over 90 years. We are also grateful for our Program Administrator, Rev Dr Darlene Brewer, who will be your main contact and coordinator for this program. Please direct any questions about the program to Dr Brewer at

Technological requirements: participants will need to have access to a computer or electronic device that is capable of running Zoom.

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The Lay Leader Education Program Lecture Series

Spread the Word! Download and Share

The Lay Leader Education Program Lecture Series


The Lay Leader Education Program Lecture Series

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