Christian Church ​(Disciples of Christ) in Canada

église chrétienne (Disciples du christ) au canada

Friday August 3, 2018 | 1-1:45pm​

Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness with Wisdom from Jesus and the Buddha

Darlene Brewer, PhD.

In this workshop we'll reflect together on the practice of cultivating fearlessness and compassion in today's world with insights from the teachings of Buddhism and the teachings of Christianity. In our time together I will give an introduction to these concepts and practices and then we will share the wisdom of the group as we discuss our own spiritual practices. 

Friday August 3, 2018 | 2-2:45pm​

Getting to know Disciples of Christ 
Rev. Dr. Jennifer Garbin
A great refresher on what Disciples believe, how they organize, and where they trace their roots. Have a question about our identity, history, or why we are the way we are? Now is your chance to explore some answers!

Disciples Justice Action and Public Witness

Rev. Dr. Ken Brooker-Langston

This workshop explores denominational and ecumenical ways for Disciples of Christ to engage in prophetic public witness and justice action.

Miriam, Mary, and Mary Magdelene - The Three M's: Models of Leadership in the Church
Rev. Janet M. Anstead & Awit Marcelino
Exploring Women in the Bible in order to empower and transform leaders for today.

Bringing All Ages Together in Worship and at Home

Olivia Bryan Updegrove

1 out of every 10 teenagers will still be in the church in their twenties. Why? What happened? What didn’t happen? What can we do to change this trend? Who stayed? Why did they stay? Over the past 15 years lots of research and study has been done to help explain the reasons behind those leaving the church building and those leaving their faith entirely.

Social Media and Church

Tim Campbell

In this fun, brief 45 minute workshop-seminar, we'll explore: why be on social media, who's there and fun features applicable to churches. Bring your questions as we will have plenty of Q&A.