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Ministerial Standing Form 2018 **DUE FEB 15**

Theological Foundations for the Practice of Ministry (English)  (French)  (Spanish)

My Ministerial Code of Ethics

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Financial Remittance Form

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Pastoral Relations Committee Guide

Ordination Service Guidelines

2018 Prayer Partner List for Canadian Region

Christian Church in Canada Remittance Form (Word)

Forms & Applications

OACC Appreciative Inquiry Powerpoint (Equipping for Ministry, October 2016)

Maritime Area Appreciative Inquiry Powerpoint (Equipping for Ministry, October 2016)

Regional Minister Travel Schedule

Presentations & Resources

Preliminary Travel Schedule:

March 23-25: OCYF Sno-Fun Weekend, Mapleton

April 7-9: Broadway Disciples United Church, Winnipeg, MB

April 14-17: General Board Meetings, Des Moines, Iowa

April 17-20: College of Regional Ministers, Des Moines, Iowa

April 29: Winger Church of Christ, Wainfleet, ON

April 30-May 6: Vacation

May 8: College of Christian Churches in Canada, Toronto, ON

May 12-14: West Gore Disciples Church, West Gore, NS

May 16-18: Canadian Council of Churches, Ottawa, ON

June 15-17: Young Adult Event, Johnston Christian Park, Digby, NS

July 12-14: Obra Hispana Convention, Arizona

July 16-19: FORM, Birmingham, Alabama

July 19-21: Convocation, Birmingham, Alabama

July 22-26: General Council of the United Church of Canada, Toronto

August 2-5: All Canada Convention, Guelph, ON

Regional Calendar

Christian Church ​(Disciples of Christ) in Canada

église chrétienne (Disciples du christ) au canada